Sailing: Auto Awesome

No, I did not mean that sailing is automatically awesome (though generally, it is). Google has a feature, accessible via Google + and on select Android powered smartphones, that allows you to create… Continue reading

Vintage Charm

Some say that “Vintage” is a recent trend, wherein hipsters look to the past for some historical validation of their aesthetic choices. In reality, every generation has looked both backwards and forwards for… Continue reading

A Fine Frenzy (Allison Sudol, WA)

For the past several years, anytime someone asks me who my favorite musician is, I have responded with the same answer: A Fine Frenzy. Musical pseudonym for singer Allison Sudol, A Fine Frenzy… Continue reading

Abandoned: Fort Ord Revisited

Every so often when I get the change, I make another visit to Fort Ord in Monterey, CA. The abandoned military complex is a sprawling seaside property, littered with what I would consider to be historical… Continue reading

Nostalgia: My Photographic Journey

Nostalgia: It is that feeling of longing for something that was, that could have or should have been. Nostalgia makes me smile, and weep, and revel in the moments where I can stay… Continue reading

As Fall Approaches

I think fall is the most beautiful time of year. We get beautiful, crisp mornings of fog and dew, purple sunsets that last for hours and perfect conditions for photographing.

Northern California Sailing

There exists no juxtaposition quite as dramatic as that between a ship and the truly immeasurably expansive seas of our world.

Abandoned: Architecture for the Old Soul

I love old, crumbling, forgotten places. Leftovers from the past, these weathered time capsules are rich with history and beauty. Even when that history is known, there is a mystery about these strange,… Continue reading

The End of Summer

We are well into October now, summer has been over for sometime. Fortunately, the weather has yet to catch up. The first few frosty days are not far from us now.

Abandoned Fort Ord, Monterey California

Fort Ord, a quiet, abandoned military outpost near Monterey, is a vast complex of crumbling architecture. Four story barracks, formerly vibrant communities of service people, have dithered to junkyards. Their interiors have been… Continue reading