Abandoned Fort Ord, Monterey California

Fort Ord, a quiet, abandoned military outpost near Monterey, is a vast complex of crumbling architecture. Four story barracks, formerly vibrant communities of service people, have dithered to junkyards. Their interiors have been… Continue reading

The Northern Pacific Coast Highway

I live for road trips along California’s Highway One. Davenport, CA: The ivy and grasses had completely reclaimed this entire vehicle, crushing its pillars and creeping in through cracks in the body. The… Continue reading

Mt. Diablo State Park, Up Close

Exploring Mt. Diablo is an extremely rewarding experience. The variety of beautiful sights, weather conditions, and wildlife means that every visit brings new and unique encounters. Along the winding roads to the peak,… Continue reading

Abandoned Byron Hot Springs Hotel, Byron California

I have been fascinated with this location for almost a decade. My friends and I started driving out into the deserted, desolate old farm country to find abandoned, spooky places. Back then I… Continue reading

East Bay Area viewed from Mt. Diablo Summit

I grew up in the suburbs, just like countless other people. While every suburb has its own unique quirks and points of uniqueness, I feel pretty fortunate to have lived at the base… Continue reading

Beautiful California

Looking down into a cove from high on the cliffs, watching the plants cling to the rock in the wind. Also See: The Northern Pacific Coast Highway All photographs ©JLGraham Photography

Monterey Bay Yacht Harbor

Etsy All photographs ©JLGraham Photography

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